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OHSU Elks Children’s Eye Clinic


The OHSU Elks Children’s Eye Clinic in Portland, Oregon is the first free standing children’s eye clinic in the US. It is part of OHSU Casey Eye Institute and is connected via a skybridge that was constructed for the project. The building will function as a hub for services and care of pediatric patients, treatment of children’s eye disorders and research. The building will also house the Translational Clinical Trials Center and the World Family Macular Degeneration Center. To learn more about the OHSU Elks Children’s Eye Clinic click here.

Our Work

Scopes: Exterior Framing & Sheathing, InsulationFireproofingDoors/Frames/HardwareGypsum Board AssembliesACTGeneral CarpentryPaintings/Coatings

WPI worked on a number of interior scopes for the project that were both unique and challenging. The lobby’s main focal point is a concierge/elevator area that features highly curved radius walls; when viewed from above the structure is shaped like a cross-section of the human eye. WPI framed and installed the drywall for this unique piece. The lobby also features a Rulon wood wall with an elk graphic behind wooden slats, which creates an interesting visual effect as you walk past it. The children’s play/waiting area has archways with unconventional angles that create a fun and playful environment. These archways posed a challenge for our team, but they took their time and pulled them off with precision. To add to the playful nature of the building WPI installed brightly colored Vitrulan woven glass wall coverings and graphics throughout the building.


Children were always kept in mind when designing the building and this comes through in the final build. Bright colors, tactile sensory areas and child-friendly graphics can be found throughout to create a fun and inviting space for children of all ages. The project posed many unique challenges, but our team was prepared to take them on.