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A Vision with Victor

Growth, Opportunity, Innovation & Family. These are the words I most associate with my vision for WPI.

Victor RoachIn all the years I’ve worked at WPI, people have wanted to work here; not for one specific reason, but for many reasons. It is for the culture, the attitude, and the spirit. There is something in the air at WPI that is different. You can feel it when you walk through the doors of our offices, or step onto one of our job sites. There is a buzz, a hum, and usually a smile.

We work at WPI because for over 50 years it’s been a great place to be. People are the greatest value of any organization and so when we treat each other like friends and family, the culture thrives. Sure, we push each other and strive for excellence. But people want to work hard and raise their game, especially when they love their job and appreciate their co-workers. In a large, complex organization or family, it isn’t always just sunshine and daisies. It’s people challenging one another to come up with the right solution to a problem or achieve a goal. There will always be some friction at any vibrant and growing company. This friction is healthy, so long as the interaction between people is respectful and honest.

So, what do we do with this energy, culture, and spirit? We try to channel it into the forward motion of the company. And one of the results from this energy and forward motion is attraction. Clients want to do business with people they like and cultures they align with. Over the years, by sticking to our core values of Safety, Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, and Humility, we have grown steadily by attracting an ever-growing list of great clients and incredible employees. This growth creates opportunities for all of us to expand our own expertise and advance our careers. We like this part of the business. It provides a constant flow of opportunity for people that can stretch and challenge their skill and creativity.

As companies grow and expand, keeping the same culture and spirit across a wider area becomes a new challenge. We make it a priority to interact between our regions, specialties and departments. We strive to avoid isolationist or silo mentalities. But we still encourage different offices and specialty groups with their own local flare that supports the culture of each region. However, we don’t do anything to change the WPI culture and values that we have always stood for. Our values have been woven into our culture, from the safety standards on our job sites, the high quality of the work we complete for our customers, to the integrity in our business dealings. Sure, the competitive market puts constant, downward pressure on price, but we won’t short cut on any of these things. Some companies are willing to trade their values for profits, but that’s not us.

Prefabrication continues to dominate the headlines in the construction world. Some of this isn’t new to us as WPI has been prefabricating exterior and load bearing wall panels since 1988. We have built over 20,000 prefabricated wall panels in the last 20 years and have several prefabrication projects underway at any given time. We’re able to prefabricate exterior walls complete with finish claddings and even the windows pre-installed at our manufacturing facility in Washington. Our team is also creating prefabricated innovations throughout our Mission Critical division and we’re just scratching the surface on techniques that will bring unmatched value, speed and quality to every MC project. Our clients are learning how our prefabricated approach to construction can bring value to their projects by helping save weeks or months on their construction schedules. Many other technological advances are bubbling in construction as well. Some of these include virtual augmentation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. WPI is experimenting with some of these new technologies to find ways improve our construction processes and deliver added value to our clients.

As we look towards the future, we know that the continued growth of our company relies on an innovative approach to our work and the continued incorporation of our core values. These core values have fostered the successful relationships we have with our clients and our communities which has made WPI one of the premier wall and ceiling subcontractors in the US. TOGETHER WE BUILD

– Victor Roach