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Prefabrication & Modularization Services

Prefabrication has changed how we look at construction.

With prefab we can build your project safer, faster, and better.

Innovation in Building Information Modeling (BIM) has opened a world of schedule saving opportunities related to prefabricated and modular building. The key to successful prefabrication involves determining which projects can benefit from the process and knowing how to successfully integrate modular elements throughout. At WPI, we offer complete design-to-installation services for multiple prefabrication options that will fast forward the construction process. From prefabricated exterior wall panels to bathroom pods we work with you every step of the way; data-driven design to precise fabrication and professional installation. We coordinate with other building trades to ensure a seamless process that shortens the construction schedule, provides fewer job site complications, and improves quality and safety.


Accelerating your schedule

Prefabricated walls offer many advantages to traditional framing. The panels are constructed in a controlled environment, out of the elements, which increases safety and quality while also accelerating the project schedule.

A multitude of finishes.

Nail your look in record time.

The wall panels can also be finished off site in a large array of options, which includes fiber cement and metal panel rainscreen systems. This design versatility helps provide our clients with the look they desire, while adding speed, quality, and value to the construction of their projects.

WPI PreFab

Innovation moving your project forward.

WPI PreFab technology takes prefabricated panels to the next level. It is a branded, tested, and proven lineup of prefabricated, finished exterior wall systems. The variety of PreFab finishes allow for versatility in design, while guaranteeing a single sourced warrantied building envelope. WPI PreFab technology will help bring speed, value, and quality to your project by minimizing costs, expediting the schedule, and facilitating a high standard of QA/QC within a controlled environment.

Shipped right, to your job site.

Wherever and whenever needed.

Panels are manufactured in Vancouver, Washington and shipped across the United States. The panels are stacked on trailers in order of their installation and shrink wrapped to protect from the elements. We work with general contractors and other trades to ensure panels are delivered when needed. This reduces jobsite clutter, streamlines the installation process, and expedites the entire project.

Structural Load Bearing

Prefabricated panels that strengthen your project.

WPI’s prefabricated panels are manufactured from templates to ensure greater quality and stronger connections. These prefab walls, floors, and roof truss systems are a great alternative to wood framing and can reduce your project’s schedule. Our experience and expertise in load-bearing framing will give you and your team building options when selecting how your next structure will be built.

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