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Your community doesn’t limit itself to buildings of the same design, configuration or purpose. Neither does WPI.

Mission Critical

WPI understands the increasingly fast-paced requirements of these highly technical projects. Our WPI Mission Critical team is distinctly designed to do just that.

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Whether building a hospital, trauma center, or medical office building, a contractor’s skill, knowledge, and expertise are constantly on display.

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Educational projects can define a community, communicate an ideal, and are indelibly stamped in the memories of the thousands of students who walk their halls.

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Commercial clients mean business. They have strict building requirements and timeframes that must be met, regardless of inherent challenges.

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Highrise condominiums and multifamily residential projects require unrelenting attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to provide solid, steady, and precise construction.

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We know you’re not simply building rooms. You’re offering an experience, creating a memory, or providing respite for a weary traveler.

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Entertainment projects are where WPI takes center stage. Although these building types are often whimsical and fun, the challenges and construction requirements are serious business.

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Public Works

We have the experience, and we understand the unique challenges that come with government and federal projects.

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Design Assist

When a special project needs special focus, WPI is ready and capable of taking it from conception to completion, resulting in increased streamlining and efficiency.

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Tenant Improvement

Tenant space is in a constant state of flux. We’ve learned to count on the unexpected and have adept, flexible teams that can quickly assess a challenge and swiftly find a solution.

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