This project was a very unique project for WPI, as it was located on the Island of Guam, a U.S. Territory located in the Pacific Ocean. WPI spent two years constructing the three story medical facility with an overall size of approximately 420,000 SF total. The structure of the building was designed to resist up to 210 mph winds caused by the dangerous typhoons which plague the South Pacific year after year. For WPI, this was an overseas project that brought with it many unique challenges including labor resources, material sourcing, and weather.

WPI serviced manpower with a small contingent of personnel from our Portland region project managers, journeymen, and field supervision reinforced by a local workforce. As projects of this size are atypical for an island as small as Guam, the local workforce had to be mentored and trained. To do this, WPI sponsored an apprenticeship training committee through the local community college to help prepare the local crew members and service the needs of the job. The weather was another factor that affected the work, as the South Pacific heat and humidity proved to take some adjusting to for our crew.  Another issue completely unique to this project was the un-exploded ordinance remaining from the Battle of Guam in WWII that were dug up by construction crews. These findings added extra precautionary measures, as well as construction delays on multiple occasions. Regardless of the many one of a kind challenges on this project, we successfully completed the project which now serves as a workplace for over 500 Active Duty U.S. personnel and over 200 contractors. The hospital currently services over 26,000 people on the island with approximately 111,000 patient visits a year.