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Salem Health – Building A Expansion


Salem Health is the premier hospital and care provider in the Mid-Willamette Valley, being among one of the largest acute care hospitals in the state, while maintaining the busiest emergency departments on the West Coast.

Our Work

Scopes: Drywall, Light-gauge Metal Framing, Taping, ACT/9 Wood, Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels/Install, Weather Barrier, Insulation, Firestopping, Fireproofing, Door Frame Installation, Prefabricated Headwall Panels/Installation.

Our team prefabricated light-gauge metal framed panels (headwalls) for each patient room off-site in conjunction with MEP trades to develop a faster, safer, and more productive way to frame Salem Health Building A Expansion. The panels were subsequently shipped to the site, flown into the building by crane and quickly and safely set in place in each patient room’s pre-framed opening, immediately ready to tie into the MEP systems. This allowed WPI to conduct light-gauge framing activities faster and safer, allowing other trades to begin their work sooner, expediting the project’s schedule.


The Salem Health Building A Expansion is a 7-story building addition designed and built to provide Salem Health with 150 new patient care rooms, allowing increased availability and healthcare to those in need.