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Reser Stadium – West Side Completion


The Reser Stadium Westside Completion in Corvallis, Oregon consisted of tearing down and rebuilding the west half of the Oregon State University stadium as well as the addition of a five-story office building just off the south end zone. The new stadium includes a welcome center to showcase OSU sporting history, two club suites, owner’s suite as well as additional concession stands and premium seating, with the total capacity now at 36,000. The Wellness Clinic is a new five-story building off the south end zone. The clinic includes additional office and medical space for the university’s students and athletes.

Our Work

Scopes: Drywall, Light-gauge Metal Framing, Taping, ACT/9 Wood, Plaster, Weather Barrier, Insulation, Firestopping, Fireproofing, Door Frame Installation.

WPI teamed up with Cherry City Electric to provide three prefabricated units to house permanent power for the job. These three units were completely built and equipped offsite and placed on site after the initial slab pour, allowing for permanent power on the job site throughout construction. WPI provided the exterior shell and interior finish of these units so that the electrical equipment could be totally enclosed and ready for installation once they reached the site. Check out this video to learn more about how it all came together.


We’re thrilled to deliver this new addition to the teachers, students, and fans of Oregon State University. The stadium will be home to the Oregon State Beavers’ football team for years to come and we’re thrilled to have contributed.