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Bridgeport Village

Imagine a European-style village with shops, restaurants, and theaters where the architecture and ambiance create a destination unto itself. Every building is unique yet they all seem to complement each other. Imagine this village is spread out over half a million square feet with ninety different structural faces spread over eleven separate buildings with thirty-four different colors. This is the vision that OPUS Northwest entrusted WPI to achieve with the construction of Bridgeport Village.

The scope of work for WPI on this project included structural and light-gauge framing, drywall, plaster, and stucco. Throughout the nine months of construction on this project, the WPI crew of over 100 employees worked in a very busy job site and made sure to keep both safety and quality as top priorities.

In February of 2005, WPI made good on its promise by completing work on one of Oregon’s premier outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment centers, the Bridgeport Village.

Scopes: Cold Formed Metal Framing, Light Gauge Metal FramingStuccoPlaster, and GWB