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Unthank Hall


Unthank Hall (Hamilton Walton Transformation Project Phase 1) is a 7-story 340-unit resident hall with a student welcome center, study spaces, and a variety of dining venues. It is the first phase of three new buildings being built in the Hamilton Walton Transformation Project at the University of Oregon. The new residence was constructed on the location of Humpy Lumpy Lawn which will be replaced by a much larger green space during Phase 3 of the project.

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Our Work

Scopes: Air/Weather BarrierAcoustical, Finish Carpentry, Wood Ceilings/Walls, Protective Wall Covers, Interior/Exterior Paint.


Working on an active campus always comes with added challenges, but our team worked with Fortis and the design team to make sure those challenges were handled with careful planning and proactive management. The residence hall adds an updated look, feel and experience to the University of Oregon campus.