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The Andy Student Housing

The Andy Apartments is a high-end apartment complex located near the University of Oregon campus and offers a well-designed and constructed multifamily residence that immediately stands out in its neighborhood without overshadowing its surrounding buildings. The Andy Apartments was finished with exterior plaster, hardiplank siding and metal panel accents in a stylish manner that seamlessly blends into the community. WPI’s scope of work on this 43,000sf U-shaped building included the installation of the weather barrier system, stucco, and the claddings system. Learn more about the apartments here.

As typical with most student housing projects, the demand for an expedited schedule to be open in time for the next school year was required for this project. WPI’s crews once again rose to the occasion to meet this demand and were able to complete the project by working extended hours and integrating multiple crews to meet demands.

WPI’s expertise and innovation played an important role in solving major problems that arose on this project. As many of the exterior details were being clarified, the schedule drove the work right passed many of the locations being held up. As a result, many gaps were left in the finishes that the crews had to come back later to complete. In conjunction with the General Contractor and Architect WPI lead the way in finding a solution early on in the project to ensure that there would be no evidence of the work required to come back install the held of locations by creating a new control joint system that allowed for a smooth transition into the existing pattern of the building.

This project is an example of WPI’s superior exterior plaster applications and how the right system and installer can create an extraordinary product for the buildings tenants to enjoy.