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King Street Station

Western Partitions recently completed the difficult task of painting the King Street Station and Weller Pedestrian Bridge project on time and on budget in downtown Seattle, Washington located at 303 South Jackson Street. The train station remained in operation during the project for Amtrak passengers and cargo trains for BNSF who operate through that area. The station has around 2.7 million passengers per year and the high traffic posed a challenge, but one that WPI was willing to take on. Learn more about the station here.

The work performed involved detailed weekly and daily planning for passenger schedules, cargo moving through the area and timing around pedestrian traffic for the sports events at the two nearby stadiums. The work consisted of pressure washing and cleaning more than 70,000 LF of Steel, power hand tooling the steel, spot priming the steel with Corothane Mio Aluminum and top coating the steel with Corothane High Solids Moisture Cure Urethane. The metal windscreen art panels located at the Weller Bridge received an electrostatically applied coating of Invirothane. That spray painting process requires special training and handling to apply the material by a process of charging the paint electrostatically and then by way of positive and negative ions the paint is transferred to the metal. Through hard work, great communication and an outstanding relationship with Sound Transit, our team was able to finish painting and coating King Street Station on time and on budget. WPI is proud to have been part of creating such a GEM in Emerald City’s downtown area.

Scope: Painting and Industrial Coatings