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Asian Art Museum


The Asian Art Museum in Seattle, Washington is an Art Deco building built in 1933. The museum sits atop a hill in Volunteer Park and houses an extensive collection of Asian art pieces. To learn more about the museum click here.

Our Work

Scopes: Gypsum Board AssembliesLight-gauge Metal FramingInsulationFirestoppingPlastering/EIFSAir/Weather BarrierAcoustical

WPI took part in the renovation and expansion of this historic building in the heart of Seattle. It includes an expanded gallery, education spaces, and a park lobby that creates cohesion between the surrounding park and the museum. The exterior of the building has a very unique look and finish, which the owners wanted to maintain. It consists of concrete, masonry and plaster parge coating. WPI knew this would be a delicate and exhaustive process and our team was confident they could handle it. In 2021, WPI received a NWCB Project of the Year award for its work on the Asian Art Museum.


This project proved challenging in a variety of ways, but our crew took the necessary precautions to get the job done right. By doing this the building maintained its historic beauty and character while adding a modern touch that will allow it to stand strong for years to come.