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Adidas East Village Expansion


Designed by Lever Architecture, the expansion includes a north building and a south building with a centralized sports plaza sitting between them. The five-story, 172,000-square-foot north building consists of meeting areas, workspaces, food hall and creative labs with five levels of underground parking sitting beneath it. The three-story, 31,000-square-foot south building is an athletic training and events center built over an existing parking garage. The expansion creates a more cohesive campus landscape for the innovative athletic apparel and footwear company.

Our Work

Scopes: Prefabrication/Install, Windows/Claddings, Weather Barrier, Thermal Insulation, Firestopping, Linear Wood Ceilings

Both buildings were designed to incorporate Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and utilize that structural component as a key architectural element. This innovative design created some challenges for our Prefabrication department. WPI prefabricated 410 exterior wall panels that were both single-story and multi-story. The panels, along with curtain walls needed to bypass the floors with exposed CLT. This made the process of attaching these to the structure troublesome. In order to solve this problem our team actively participated in this design through our preconstruction process to provide a successful design for the installation that supported all associated trades.

WPI’s prefabricated panels expedited dry-in on both structures, while minimizing onsite workforce and maximizing quality. Our team installed the 410 panels so stitching the weather barrier is all that was required to dry-in the buildings. This effectively supported façade trades to begin their work earlier and have assurances that the sub straights were correct for installation of their products.


We’re very excited about what our PreFab team was able to accomplish on this project. Although unexpected challenges arose, our team found solutions that never sacrificed efficiency or cost. WPI knows that prefabrication is an innovation worthy of investment. While we’ve already had many years of success we continue to refine and improve the prefabrication process to maximize safety, speed, and efficiency on each and every project.