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Victor Roach


About Victor

Victor began working on WPI jobsites in the 1980s during his summer breaks in high school and continued through his college years but didn’t really know the innerworkings of the office and didn’t have strong plans to join the family business at the time. After three years of more fun than studying in college at OSU, his father, Mike Roach said it was time to go to work. Without any strong direction he reported to the WPI office in June of 1989. Beginning as a “gopher” back when everything was paper blueprints, and the internet was less established. He spent most of his time driving around town retrieving drawings and specification books for the estimators to work on. Not long after that he began learning to estimate small projects.

After a short time in the WPI office, he discovered that estimating jobs was a bit like assembling puzzles and found it to be quite interesting. At the time the bidding process could be like a thrilling roller coaster ride and Victor began working with the older guys on larger projects. The dollar values were in the millions and for a young man that was very exciting to be involved in. After those early months, he knew there was no going back to anything else.

After many years of bidding and managing multitudes of projects, he developed into a great estimator, project manager and strategist. Victor was often involved in the largest and most complex projects for WPI. In time he rose the ranks at the company and eventually became vice president and then president in 2015.

Victor contributes his success at WPI to seeing his father Mike at the helm for many years and working with scores of great field and office people along the way. The spirit of Mike and Pam Roach still pervade the company. Nothing too fancy. Just good old fashioned hard work, quality craftsmanship and valuing the people who work here.

Victor’s time away from work has long been watching his four children play sports and other activities. He also loves cooking at home and often brings in his “famous” giant pots of soup and bread for the staff. For vacations, it’s anywhere he can find sun and blue water. Victor looks for WPI to continue for years into the future. “We have a great team and people here at WPI. We plan on continuing to grow across the West and stay on the cutting edge of our industry.”