About Nate

    Nate has 20 years of construction industry experience and currently is WPI’sVice President of Operations, Nevada. He began his career as an Intern at Raymond Interiors and then went to work for KHS&S as a Project Engineer. Nate worked his way up to Project Manager/Estimator then to Senior Project Manager. After time as a Project Manager, Nate showed exceptional leadership ability and was promoted to Project Executive and finally, Operations Manager/Regional Manager.

    Nate has worked on many projects in the Western United States. The one project that stands out for Nate would be the 40 million dollar Hospital OSHPD ILPD project in California that he was a part of. Nate remembers that there were many challenges on that project, but the challenges created opportunity for multiple innovations to be discovered.

    One of the biggest influencers in Nate’s life is a mentor that he has known for over 10+ years. This person has helped teach him many things about the industry, people and aspects of his personal life that have been instrumental in his growth and development.

    Nate enjoys spending time hunting, doing carpentry work, riding his RZR side by side, shooting sporting clays and camping with his family (wife Lacy, daughter Taylor– age: 10, son Chase – age: 6). The whole family keeps very busy with sporting and school events. If he ever was given the time to do it, Nate would love to go on Trip to Greece.
    Nate is a member of the LCI and WACA.