Projects can succeed or fail before the first teams step foot on the job site.

That’s why we are committed to planning the work and working the plan.

How buildings are built has changed dramatically over the past ten years, and WPI has changed with it. By offering complete preconstruction services from CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), WPI professionals can visualize and plan our work scopes before our first craftsmen walk on the project. Using the latest technology and modeling software, we can determine down to the stud and screw what the job requires. WPI can overlay this information with other work scopes to identify building discrepancies, coordinate work plans, and provide information for solid, data driven decisions. These decisions minimize waste, downtime and inefficiencies. This expertise is invaluable within WPI’s design assist environment, where real time information allows us to create detailed construction drawings that are communicated to the field to guide precise construction. We also use this data to track performance and control costs, adding further value to the building process.