Your community doesn’t limit itself to buildings of the same design, configuration or purpose.

Neither does WPI.

At WPI, our project portfolio is as diverse as the communities in which we live and work. Over our company’s lifetime, we have had the opportunity to succeed on hundreds of projects ranging from renowned medical centers to the most welcoming destination resorts. In each instance, we bring to the table knowledgeable and experienced design and construction teams that recognize the special needs and requirements of each project type.  Whether we’re coordinating with subs to pass a hospital inspection or working with architects to capture the design-intent for a signature entertainment venue, you can count on WPI to navigate through the complexities of the project and deliver a final product that meets the quality you demand and the service you deserve.


No nonsense. No excuses.

Commercial clients mean business. They have strict building requirements and real time-frames that must be met, regardless of inherent challenges. That’s why so
many commercial customers turn to WPI for their intricate, large-scale projects. They know the job will be done right and right when expected. Whether it’s an office tower or corporate campus, the professionals at WPI use their extensive experience to get to the heart of a project and develop a sound work plan and schedule that moves the project forward while delivering the highest quality and value.

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Design Assist

From start to finish, we keep our focus on your project Sometimes, traditional project delivery methods don’t provide the control, speed or accountability that a project requires. When a special project needs special focus, WPI is ready and capable of taking it from conception to completion, resulting in increased streamlining and efficiency. Our knowledgeable teams know how to bring together the right disciplines and ensure high levels of collaboration so your project can move ahead precisely, with every team member focused on the goal of delivering an exceptional project.

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When knowledge counts, clients turn to WPI.

Educational projects have their own personalities. They define a community, communicate an ideal and are indelibly stamped in the memory of thousands of students who walk through their halls and sit in their classrooms. They not only require construction integrity to weather decades of daily use, but they must also adhere to precise safety and code specifications and a defined, public budget. Knowledge and experience in the unique building needs of schools, university campuses, labs and administrative buildings are not optional. WPI knows how to work within the public arena and has the technology, competency and skill to deliver a project that will pass the test of time and earn the respect of every member of the project team.

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Where construction and Hollywood intersect.

Entertainment projects are where WPI professionals take center stage. Although these building types are often whimsical and fun, the underlying challenges and building requirements are serious business. WPI design-assist professionals can help turn the most creative, one-of-a-kind design concepts into buildable construction projects. Drawing on years of modeling and CAD experience, WPI breaks down the pieces of the project looking first at constructability, then moves to selection of the products and building processes that will deliver the design-intent at the required budget. WPI can even deliver custom niches that turn ordinary construction into dazzling showstoppers worthy of the spotlight.

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When health is on the line, so is a contractor’s reputation.

Whether building a hospital, trauma center or medical office building, a contractor’s skill, knowledge and expertise are constantly on display. The complicated web of code compliance, inspections, product specification and safety procedures require a contractor that is up to date and up to the task. By providing comprehensive services from BIM to documented quality control plans, WPI has earned a reputation for being an integral part of the healthcare project team. Clients know they can count on WPI to combine precise construction with optimal collaboration to ensure a project that is streamlined, compliant, structurally sound and always prioritizes the safety of the patient.

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Reward yourself with a construction upgrade.

At WPI, we know you’re not simply building rooms. You’re offering an experience, creating a memory or providing respite for a weary traveler. Regardless of your ultimate
goal, ours is to deliver a seamless construction experience that makes you want to return to us, project after successful project. From the rest day of your construction journey, we will be focused on your project needs. Whether you require an expedited schedule to meet a grand opening or need innovative phasing to hit mission-critical milestones, you can be assured our entire team will be at your service to deliver the ultimate construction experience.

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Precision construction, floor by floor.

High-rise condominiums and multifamily residential projects require unrelenting attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to provide solid, steady and precise construction. You can count on WPI to build the walls, ceilings and related components of the multifamily projects that de ne urban landscapes. Due to the special needs of this project type, our multifamily work scopes focus exclusively on metal-based projects.

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Public Works

WPI is able to navigate through the contracting process and deliver the most complicated public works projects

With public works projects completed all over the world, including Guam and Mozambique, WPI understands the unique challenges that come with government and federal projects. Public works projects often run the spectrum when it comes to construction types and end usage and each need to be handled as such. Our extensive experience with these projects has given us a complete understanding of the individual federal contracting processes able to complete even the most complex projects.

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Highly specialized building types set a high quality bar.

The construction of cleanrooms, manufacturing facilities and specialized data centers require more than building expertise. They require a complete knowledge of processes, procedures and quality control measures that impact temperature, humidity, air ow, friction, contamination and any other factor specific to the exact building use. This not only requires high levels of quality, but also the ability to work in close coordination with other members of the building team to ensure complete job site adherence to the quality program. On every level, WPI has met or exceeded the quality bar and has succeeded in earning the confidence of the entire project team.

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Tenant Improvement

In the changing world of tenant improvement, flexibility is key.

Tenant space is in a constant state of ux. So during the unending process of expansion, reconfiguration, rescaling or retrofitting, surprises are inevitable. That’s why subcontractor flexibility is the key to any successful tenant improvement. At WPI, we’ve learned to count on the expected and have adept, flexible project teams that can quickly access a challenge and move quickly to resolution. Throughout the process, we also work closely with operations to ensure a re-imagined space is created safely, efficiently and with as little obstruction and inconvenience as possible.

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