Growth, Opportunity and Commitment. These are the words I most associate with my vision for WPI.


Strategy, growth, opportunity, and commitment are the words I most associate with my vision for WPI.

In WPI’s strategic plan, sustained and profitable growth are overarching goals. Revenue and profit goals are important. Just as critical are the operational and excellence goals we develop with our talented, dedicated people. Growth in all these areas means WPI continually evolves to become the best we can be. Throughout our company, true passion exists for not only building projects, but also for contributing to our communities. I wish to guide WPI to make philanthropy an integral part of our culture.

Strategic goals are often stretch goals at their core. For the past few years, I’ve been quoted around the office as having a “$200m in revenue by 2020” goal. This sort of tangible goal motivates me and our employees. Coincidentally, our $200m stretch goal established in 2013 was reached in 2017.

Achieving these and other milestones allows WPI to expand the services we offer to our clients. We are continually growing to give our clients the best services and products for their projects. Some of the services we’ve added recently to our core services include prefabrication and preconstruction/virtual design.

We expanded our prefabrication and modularization construction services to include prefab bathroom pods and Sto Panel Technology, making WPI one of only a few companies in the world with the capabilities of Sto’s patented exterior wall panel technology for enclosing buildings quicker with superior quality in a multitude of aesthetic options. Prefabrication and modularization allow WPI to be a more efficient contractor, delivering the highest possible quality to our clients, decreasing project schedules, and improving safety performance.

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading contracting companies when it comes to preconstruction, BIM, and virtual design. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a very high profile job in the Healthcare market sector located in Portland, OR. This project brought to the forefront collaboration and communication by having a BIM/CAD detailer on-site to coordinate in real-time with the other trades on the project.

An IPD approach illustrates the large role technology plays on the job site today. You’ll find our foremen on WPI jobsites with iPads attached to their wrists, running jobsite and project management analytics to ensure their crews are on pace for the day and that tomorrow’s shipment of material is on schedule. Paper sets of drawings have been replaced by 70” touch screen monitors, Data Vaults, and iPads utilizing PlanGrid and other relevant document management software. Real-time drawing updates are now a reality for our field forces.

Opportunity is even more exciting to me than growth. It is the reason WPI attracts and retains the most talented workforce in the market. WPI fosters an environment of innovation, and we constantly challenge ourselves and our industry partners to become the best we can be. We do not accept stale ideas and the status quo as a business philosophy. Opportunity is what brought WPI into Northern Nevada 2 years ago. Approached with an opportunity and a plan, WPI established an office in Reno, NV. When approached with an opportunity and plan, WPI established an office in Sparks, NV and are now working on a multi-billion, ~10 million sq. ft. facility for a highly confidential client. Opportunity and entrepreneurialism are at the heart of my vision for WPI.

Now in our 4th decade of business, WPI is stronger and larger than ever before. Recently, ENR ranked WPI in the top 10 Walls and Ceilings Firms in the nation.  Although our ranking is a significant achievement and statement of our vast reach, WPI’s focus remains on providing the highest quality services and installations to our clients for their projects. Our goal is to foster trust and confidence with our clients, resulting in lasting relationships.

In 45 years of business we haven’t lost sight of why my father, Mike Roach, established WPI. He was driven by a commitment to people, both inside and outside our company. At our core WPI is a 2nd generation, family-owned business that still maintains a family environment. Our size and reputation in the marketplace is a direct result of the talented individuals who work at WPI.

WPI’s commitment to safety is paramount. Safety is our number one company value. We ensure that at the end of the day all WPI employees go home safely to their families. We have a strong safety record, which is a reflection of WPI’s dedication to safety throughout all levels of our company.

I view strategy, growth, opportunity, and commitment as part of a shared vision for all WPI employees. It is a vision I hope will resonate with our employees for generations to come. Together We Build.