Panel Technology

Sto Panel’s being flown into place at Rowan University in New Jersey by Jersey Panel.


In August 2016, WPI became a Sto Panel Technology affiliate.

Sto Panel Technology is a branded, tested and proven lineup of prefabricated, exterior wall systems.  Each Sto Panel project will start with with a basic framed, sheathed, and weather protected substrate, but can be taken one step further by completing the exterior envelope with one of the basic Sto Panel Technology finish panel types. However, the finishes are not limited to these seven alone, as these panel types provide only a basic outline for the many other exterior finish products that could be compatible with this system.

In addition to proven wall panel types, the Sto Panel “process” provides sample contracts, warranties, material certifications, system testing, marketing, and AIA accredited learning units, offered by a growing list of Sto Panel affiliates from Canada to Chile.

Panel Technology

Sto Panel Technologies being used with a metal panel finish on the Aloft Hotel in downtown Austin, TX by Baker Triangle Prefab

Manufactures’ rounding up their best materials and marketing them as a system is nothing new; certainly not for Sto. The fact that Sto Panel Technology includes an entire finished exterior wall envelope is what sets it apart from others systems like Dryvit Outsulation, Parex Envision, or BASF Finestone and Senergy.  Incorporating the entire exterior wall envelope made it possible for Sto Panel partner, Morrison Hershfield to test and certify the entire panel as a complete system.

Sto Panel Technology will be a key part of the new WPI’s business unit, WPI Prefab. WPI has been prefabricating  for over a decade and we’ve installed more than 10,000 panels.  WPI Prefab currently includes six members, Shawn Coates, Ryan Wallace, Matt Wallace, David Krein, Sam Jones and Michael Logue.  As the operations grow, WPI Prefab projects manufacturing space will grow by 4 to 5 times to accommodate demand and more complicated finishes.  The market for prefabrication is growing and nowhere is that more apparent than in the Pacific Northwest.

Panel Technology

Completed Sto Panel Technology project at Rowan University by Jersey Panel.


WPI is currently licensed to manufacture panels under the Sto Panel Technology brand in Oregon and Washington. Sto Panel Technology (SPT) is a division of Sto Corp., (Sto).  Sto is the leading manufacturer of EIFS and synthetic resin wall coatings.  In 2015, Sto Group sales amounted to approximately 1.22 billion Euro.