About Steve

    How many total years of industry or construction management experience do you have?  30 Years

    What’s the best project you’ve ever worked on? Why?  OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) because of its unique location along the Willamette River and the existing old industrial power plant it was built above. It had a antique/historical feel with lots of hidden rooms and chasms. “It was the only project I have ever taken my family to go see on the weekend.”

    Who was the biggest influence in your life? Why?  Mike Roach, because he set an example of behavior for how a company owner  should act and carry themselves under the pressures of leadership. He is a man of unshakable perseverance.

    What is your favorite book?  “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo

    What is your favorite restaurant?  Jake’s Bar and Grill

    What was your high school mascot?  Gophers

    What do you like to do in your spare time?  RV’ing, home remodels, and studying fine art.

    What job would you do if money didn’t matter?  Sell stereo equipment.

    Favorite song of all time?  “All Along the Watchtower” [Jimi Hendrix]

    What is your drink of choice?  Irish Whiskey on the rocks.

    Secret Skill?  Fine art reproduction and framing.

    Name one item on your “bucket list”.  Monaco Grand Prix

    Beavers or Ducks / Huskies or Cougars or favorite sports team?  Seattle Seahawks